Friday, December 30, 2011

More of our Vacation

Here's more of what we've been up to the past few days...

Cuddling with my youngest nephew!

Building castles with the kids!

Having a slumber party in our footie pajamas!

Meeting another of our nephews for the first time!

Only a few more days left in Iowa! Our time has gone way too fast. I'm not ready to leave my family, especially all the lil' ones running around! They are going to be so big next time we see them!

We have one more Christmas tomorrow with Jay's dad's side. We'll spend New Year's Eve with both of our families and head to the airport the next day!

Saturday, December 24, 2011

First Week in Iowa

It's so good to be home in Iowa for Christmas! Jay and I arrived to Cedar Rapids on Saturday and have spent the past week traveling back and forth between both of our parents' houses. This has been a pretty calm week, giving us time to catch up on sleep and relax!

Some of the things we've done so far...

We played with our nephews, Carson and Mitchell. Jay and Carson had fun building a tower, which was a new word that Carson learned how to say. Jay would build and Carson would knock it down! I don't think Jay appreciated that too much!

We also went to a UNI basketball game! It was fun to go back to our old stomping grounds.

One of the days, Jay, my sister Nicole, and I went shopping. We spent a lot of money, but all purchases were justified! Jay needed some new shoes and hit the jackpot on Christmas sales! I slurged on a couple of sweaters too!

Last night, I went out with my girl friends, Amy, Ashley, and Nicole. When we were planning our outting, I asked to go to someplace American. We decided that Texas Roadhouse would be perfect! We enjoyed our meal and then dessert at Scratch. This is a new cupcake store! I know the owner and wanted to stop and see her!

On our walk down Cedar Falls Main Street, we took in all the lights. We also stopped at Santa's Workshop, but he had already left to head back to the Northpole! We missed him!

Today is Christmas Eve and we're celebrating very quietly. We're making some last minute food and wrapping presents for tomorrow when the whole family will be together. Our ENTIRE family hasn't been together for 10 YEARS... so this year will be special! Jay hadn't seen 4 of his nephews, so he's excited to meet them! I can't wait to see all of the kids and be able to play with them! Tonight we'll go to the Christmas Eve service at my families church.I love our service, holding candles and singing Christmas songs! It just seems so magical!

We hope everyone enjoys time with all their loved ones this Christmas! It makes celebrating our Savior so much better!