Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Sioux Central Friends!!

Erica, Marla, me, Sue, Jarvis, Jolene, and Wendy

I spent the past two days up in northwest Iowa, visiting my long lost friends that I used to teach with at Sioux Central, in Sioux Rapids. It was a long drive up there with icy roads, but we made it with only a few slips! Monday evening, we met several other teachers at a restaurant in Storm Lake. It was great to chat with them all since it has been a year and a half since I have seen them! We talked school most of the time; it doesn't sound like Sioux Central has changed too much. I missed seeing my friend Emma, who I had in fifth grade. Her mom came, but unfortunately Emma got sick that afternoon! Bummer!!
After we finished at the restaurant, I headed back to Erica's. I missed this girl so much!! We've struggled keeping in touch. The time difference makes it hard to talk! It was so wonderful to see her again!!

At their house, we spent the evening playing Wii sports. The kids got it for Christmas and wanted to play some more! They hadn't gotten their fill yet. We tried out bowling, tennis, ski ball, and a race track! I wasn't very good at any of them. The kids beat me almost every time! I was struggling hard to keep my eyes open! The kids were outlasting me! Carter was nice to lend me his bed for the night! In the morning, we woke up and played some more Wii, still in our pj's!

I sure am going to miss this family (and Todd too. He unfortunately had to work.) They are all so wonderful! I'm hoping to see them in August, if they can make the trip down!

Erica, thanks for sharing your house with me! Keep in touch!

Sunday, December 27, 2009

Feldt Family Christmas

Yesterday I went over to Manchester to celebrate Christmas with Jay's family. His parents, brother, and grandma were there. We had a great dinner of roast, potatoes, and corn! It was delicious! I love homecooked meals!! I've had several this week and they have all been terrific! After eating, we moved to the living room to open gifts! I received some wonderful things!! I was really spoiled! I got more plates, a shelf for my thimbles, a tree skirt (which I completely forgot that I asked for last year), a beautiful Christmas quilt, and a griddle (which will have to wait until we get back to the states). So much stuff!!! We had a wonderful afternoon chatting and eating cookies and candies!

Here is my new shelf!

The tree skirt that Grandma Feldt made.

Christmas quilt

I was having a hard time yesterday, not having Jay around. I was doing my best to hold back tears while being with his family. There is always a part of me missing when he's gone!! I can't wait until we can be back and celebrate holidays as a whole family again! In the meantime, we'll just keep praying for safe keeping and that the next year will go fast!

I'm post more pictures later. I have to get them from Nancy!

Friday, December 25, 2009

Merry CHRISTmas One and All!

I hope everyone had a very Merry Christmas and remembered the real reason we celebrate this day! We've had a good day around here! But now we're done for the night and relaxing in front of a few new movies!

Our stockings all hanging with care! We are missing several this year (Jay's and my sister and her family) but still have a full shelf.

This morning, we waited for everyone to arrive before opening gifts. In the mean time, we prepared food for dinner and had yummy caramel rolls for breakfast! I also got a phone call from my wonderful husband! I was so glad to hear from him. It's the only present I was really looking forward to! He had eaten his Christmas meal with his guys and was going to go get some ice cream! We didn't talk long because so many guys wanted to make phone calls. It didn't need to be long though, hearing him was good enough!!

Once Grandma, Grandpa, Adam, Lindsey, and Carson arrived, we all gathered into the living room for presents! We had fun opening gifts and enjoying each other's company. Everyone had picked out the perfect things! I think we had the most fun with Carson and seeing his gifts. He was definitely the joy of the morning.

A wonderful Christmas gift!

One proud pappa!!

For Christmas gifts this year, I bought almost everything from Europe and brought it over with me. All of the gifts fit into one large and one small suitcase, but they were too heavy. I had so much pottery that it weighed me down! I brought things from Poland, Scotland, Austria, and Germany.

Nicole's gift came from a German Christmas market.

Mom got her present a few days ago so she could use it for dinner today. I got her a plate set from Poland. It is all pottery with a winter scene on it. I flew them all over without one breaking. I was very happy about that!

Mom made all of us girls aprons! Aren't they fun!!

This is what Jay and I got Carson. It's a bumpo! They are great for helping a kid sit up. Carson has a few more months before he'll be able to use this. He isn't able to hold his head up very well yet!

After eating, we all found a comfy spot in the living room and relaxed. Mom had all of her cookies and candy out so we munched all afternoon. Carson took a nap while the rest of us talked.

All considering, it was a good Christmas. I couldn't help but think of Jay all day. Next year, it will be great to be together again! We probably won't be home, but we'll still be together! That's what counts!

I hope you all had a wonderful day with your family and friends!!

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Christmas Eve

We are home from Christmas Eve service, in our pj's, and watching a Christmas movie! So wonderful!! Our service was very nice. Nicole and I lead most of the service. It was an impromptu service, but was perfect. Pastor wasn't able to come because of the bad roads. I loved singing all the carols that you get to sing only once a year and seeing people that I haven't seen in so long. Socializing afterwards is always great too!

Once we got home, we took a few family pictures... At least the family that was here! We're just like little kids, hard to get us all smiling at once!!

I guess I'll claim her.... my sister, Nicole

My mom and me!

My daddy and me!
Checking out the Christmas tree!

Sounds and Smells of the Christmas Season!

I have been home for three days now (and Monday night when I went straight to bed) and I'm definitely enjoying it! I love being with my family and friends and enjoying the wonderful winter of Iowa!

On Tuesday, Mom, Lindsey, Carson, and I went shopping in Waterloo. I needed to get a few things that I can't find in Germany. I bought a few pairs of dress pants and lots of drink mix to send to Jay. After spending a lot of money, we came home. I made a mess in the living room as I wrapped all of my Christmas presents. I brought everything home from various countries for my gifts this year! I was very lucky that it all made it on and off the plane in one piece! Mom and Nicole helped me wrap as I had quite a pile! In the evening, Dad and I went to Jesup to watch the high school girls and boys basketball game. I didn't know many of the people, but it was fun to watch! I haven't seen a game for a few years!

On Wednesday, we layed low and stayed in the house most of the day. Adam, Lindsey, and Carson were here all day, so I got lots of cuddling time! He's such a sweet lil' guy! Mom and Nicole put together a few cookie and candy trays with all (25 batches worth) of Mom's homemade treats. I sat and watched and sampled!! They all tasted wonderful! Nicole and I ran up to Waterloo to get Dad's Christmas present. It was the last thing we needed! So now I'm completely finished. In the evening, I had my two best friends over! I haven't seen them for quite some time and really missed them! We played some games, opened gifts, and enjoyed root beer floats! It was great to catch up with them and hear how life is treating them!

My wonderful friends, Ashley and Amy

Playing Scattegories

My new puzzle from Ashley

Trying to figure it out.... we weren't successful!

We also played Cootie, a game we played together when we were probably five! But we still had fun!!

Even though the day was extremely enjoyable with all the things I did, the ABSOLUTE BEST PART OF THE DAY was when Jay called! I knew he was calling, so I didn't leave the house until after I got to talk to him. He's doing good! Trying to stay warm, but not having any trouble staying busy! I'm really missing him this Christmas, but glad I have a family close to me. They help me feel not so lonely.
This morning, I woke up and walked down the steps. As soon as I opened the door, I see this in front of me...

How can that not put a smile on your face! I absolutly love Christmas! I also could smell mom's Christmas candles burning. The sounds, the smells, the sights, all wonderful!! I didn't put up any decorations at our house this year since neither Jay nor I were going to be there. I'm so glad Mom goes all out with her decorations! I love them!!

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Tomorrow is the Day!!

I finally get to go home tomorrow! My bags are packed and I'm impatiently waiting! I have a feeling I won't sleep well tonight! I just want tomorrow to come FAST!! Tomorrow is going to be a long day, so I better get some rest. But on the other hand, if I don't sleep, I'll have 13 hours to do so on the plane! I also have a lot of papers to grade, so that will keep me busy when I'm not sleeping.

What I'm looking forward to when I'm home....

Getting hugs and being spoiled by my mom and dad! And of course cuddling with lil' Carson!

Seeing my brother and sisters and spending Christmas with them!! (This is from last year's Christmas)

Spending a day with Jay's family! I'll celebrate Christmas with his parents, brother, and grandmas.

Seeing Erica, her family, and all my other Sioux Central friends! We are having a big get together at a restaurant and I can't wait to catch up with them all!

What I look forward to the most.... this! Yes, I realize I am 25 years old, but I am still my daddy's little girl and always will be! I don't have Jay to get hugs from, so I'm glad I have my daddy!


Saturday, December 19, 2009

Bible Study Christmas Party

Tonight was my last Christmas party in Germany! Our Bible Study group got together, had a big supper, and exchanged presents! We had a good crowd and lots of great food!!! I love potluck suppers!! Always so many choices and I'm always so full by the end! Jay asked me to take pictures for him, so I did! None of them are that exciting, but at least Jay could see who was there!
My favorite lil' guy! Gunnar!!

Opening gifts!

Waiting in line to eat!

Angie and Noah

This was the Christmas present I received!! We did a white elephant exchange! The funny part was that half of the gifts came back from last year!! Maybe we'll see them again next year!

After I got home, I started to pack my suitcases and clean the house. I need many more hours to get it all done. The house won't get cleaned, but that's alright. It will get dirty in the two weeks I'm gone. I'll take the weekend I get home to clean! Works for me!!
I can't wait to go home! I went to the Bradley today to check about the shuttle! It's a go, so I'll be jumping on the bus at 7:30 Monday morning! Yippyyy!!!! I'll be home soon!!

Friday, December 18, 2009


I AM FINALLY FINISHED WITH SCHOOL FOR THE YEAR!!! I am so excited!! You wouldn't know it by looking at me because I am completely exhausted and half asleep. But deep, down inside, I'm jumping for joy!!! I can't wait to have quiet days, no complaining, no problems, no peeing in pants, no fights, no biting, no kicking, no running away, no nothing!!! Just peace and quiet with my family!!! I am so excited to go home!! The next two days will be cleaning the house and packing. If I had more energy, I would be packing right now. I like to pack and want to get started. But getting out of this chair is a lot harder than you think!!

I've decided to take the night off and enjoy some down time. It's been over a month since I've had this! Ever since Jay left, I haven't stopped moving. This is seriously my first night of being in this house by 6:00 and not leaving again! And it's a great night to be in. It's snowing outside and very cold. Very beautiful, but very cold. It's been a long day too. I slept only a few hours and was up by 3:00 to take a friend to the train station. So, as soon as I finish this, I'm jumping into my pj's and hitting the couch with a blanket and a pillow!

Maybe tomorrow I will take time to catch you up on the past week. Lots has happened and I even have pictures, but haven't taken the time to put them up!

Hope everyone is enjoying their Friday! Have a great weekend! Safe travels to all you heading over an ocean!! I hope you enjoy your time with your family and friends as much as I will!

Saturday, December 12, 2009

2 Christmas Parties in 2 nights

I'm home from another Christmas party. Tonight was the elementary staff party at a restaurant down town. We had an ornament exchange. I came out with a pig angel. It's pretty cute! We played dirty santa and I had my gift stolen twice! I had to open three presents before I finally got to keep one! I really liked both of the first two, but I guess so did everyone else! Ohs wells! The ornament I gave away was great! It was a HUGE gold, glittered bulb. When I mean huge, I'm talking bigger than a basketball. I definitely couldn't palm the thing! It's not something you would want to put on your tree. But it would make for a great center piece on a table! I thought it was fun!
Keeley (currently subbing, will be student teaching next semester) and me

Last night, Krista and I hosted our Cav Coffee Christmas Party. We had 20 ladies come to celebrate! We also had an ornament exchange. We passed the gifts around the table while we read the poem "Twas the Night Before Christmas." Everytime the word left or right was said, we had to pass a present in that direction. I think the ladies had fun with that! I wish I was more awake for the party, but by Friday night, I didn't have much steam left! To keep me awake, I stole the baby!! I made him into a present, so Megan made me into a present! Austin and I were matching with our blue bows!

I'm hoping to get more pictures from this party soon. Krista took a bunch and I'll get them from her. I'll put them up when I get them.

Monday night is the big 1-91 Squadron Christmas Party. I will be excited for that one to be over. I have been doing a lot of planning and prep work for this one! Planning a party for 200 people isn't always the easiest! I have the food ordered, the movies ready, Santa has his costume, and I have the items for the guessing jars. I still need to finish getting the guessing jars ready and signs made for the table. That's tomorrow's job! After this party is over, I'll be home free!

Once I got home from the party tonight, I started working on my Christmas cards. I had all the pieces (envelopes, lables, letter, and pictures) but needed to put them all together. I now have a stack of 110 that needs to be mailed out on Monday. I still have 10 pictures left over, so if anyone has a desire for one, let me know. I'll put it in the mail for you (that is if you don't already have one coming your way).

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Counting the Days...

I am more than ready for Christmas break! Not only do I get to go home and see my family and friends, but I get a break from school and the rest of my life. Things have been so hectic that I can barely keep up. I feel like I'm drowning this week. Usually I can at least keep my head above water, but that's not the case this week.

School has been kicking me in the rear! I have two kids that just wreck the whole class. I try to not let them, but it's just tough! I had one that was out for several days, but that still created work for me. I had to prepare a huge packet to take to her while she was gone. I was called at 7:30 and mom asked for homework. I was on a field trip with my class all morning, returning at 11:00. I took my kids to lunch at 11:10 and admin. asked if I could have her work ready to go by 11:30. Well, that just didn't happen! They had to wait until 12:30, because they didn't give me any time. She needed all of this week's work and I hadn't even made lesson plans yet. So, I whipped some things up quick and sent a packet on its way. I also have a little boy that makes my hair go grey!! This was his first full day of school all week. The rest of the days he has been sent home early because I can't handle him. Two of the days he ran away and hid in the school. We had lots of people looking for him before we finally caught him running around. The other day he bit another student in my class! I think it's quite safe to say that there is never a dull moment in my day! Sometimes I wonder why I even write lesson plans. I rarely follow them. I deal too much with discipline to get a lesson taught!

On top of all that, I have gotten ready for my two Christmas parties. The first one is tomorrow night. I was at Krista's house until after 10:00 last night making homemade chocolate. We painted colors in molds and then filled them with chocolate. They look great, but took a lot of time. We then wrapped them all individually and put them into a neat Christmas bag. I sure hope the ladies appreciate them. I still have some more shopping to do for the other Christmas party. I have until Monday and will need every minute I can get. I don't have too terribly much planned for Saturday, so will use that time.

On top of that, I have done lots of kid watching of the Kennaugh boys. They are fun boys, but after a long day at work, they can get tiring! I'm so glad they are good at doing things on their own and don't require much attention. Even baby Spencer can play for hours on his own, being perfectly content.

On top of that, I am now coaching a third and fourth grade basketball team. One of the boys on the team is in my class, but the rest are in different classes. Tonight was our first game. We lost, but I don't think by too many. We don't actually keep score, but they definitely made more than we did. It was fun to watch them run around the court. They don't know exactly what to do yet, so I did a lot of coaching (yelling at them so they could here my over the loud crowd).

There's more, but that's enough for now. I don't have any fun pictures to share either. I have done lots of things that I should have taken pictures of, but I didn't take the time to take pictures. Ohs wells! You're survive!

I have a crying baby. Time to go! Have a good Thursday everyone!!

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Weekend with the Boys

The weekend that Jay left, I had five boys to keep my mind off of him. I stayed with them all day Saturday, over night, and all day Sunday while their mom and dad went on a weekend alone. Their daddy was deploying the next week, and with five kids running around the house, they don't get much alone time. On Saturday, I played taxi most of the day. The older three are very active, so for several hours I was dropping one off and picking another up. It worked well for me though because it kept me busy. We had a quiet afternoon and then went to a Thanksgiving meal on Saturday night. It was supper for all the teachers. I had a lot of people ask if I had kids, but I said I just adopted them for the weekend.

On Sunday, I had them all ready to go and out the door to make it in time for 9:00 church. We were all sitting down and settled by the time service started. People were impressed!! Even the chaplin that was giving announcements made a comment about us being there on time! Nonetheless, I'm glad I have to start with only one baby, and not five. I was really thankful the older three can get themselves ready and get their own breakfast. That made it a lot easier. The rest of the day was very calm. Each boy was doing their own thing, so the house was quiet. I actually got some papers graded in the afternoon. We did play Monopoly later on in the afternoon. I didn't do very well, but it was still fun to play.

This lil guy slept most of the time. I was hoping to would cuddle with me to make my saddness go away. I did get some time to hold him, but it wasn't enough! But on the other hand, I'm glad he slept so much. It was one less boy to worry about!

These boys are fun to be around, but I can't imagine having them all day, every day. I would be completely worn out. I don't know how their mom does it! She sure is super mom!! I get to keep the boys tomorrow after school again. Mom wants a night out on her own, with peace and quiet. This deployment has had a rough start for her, so please say a prayer! She'll need a lot of patience and contentment this year!

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Thanksgiving Weekend

I had a wonderful Thanksgiving Weekend, despite missing my most favorite man in the world! I went with my friend Elizabeth to Belgium, to visit some of her friends. We stayed with a girl that works the same position in SHAPE that Elizabeth does here. It was great to have a free and comfy place to stay! On Thursday, we spent the day with Tim and Angie, a couple that leads Club Beyond in Belgium. There were 9 adults and two little one running around, so it was a good crowd to mingle with. We had a wonderful meal, watched the movie Elf, and played a couple games! It was such a great day! I felt so blessed to have met all those people that day and still have the feeling that I was with family. I was with God's family!! Here are a few pictures of the day.
Something ironic... this family was from Iowa. I think that made it feel even more like home! They knew all about farm life! When the little boy heard us talking about Iowa, he ran to his room. He came out with his Hawkeyes cap and a football! He rubbed it in my face that he was a Hawkeye fan! Even in Belgium, I can't get away from it!!

On Friday, Megan (the girl we stayed with), Elizabeth, and I traveled to Mons. It was only 20 minutes away. It was a cute little town! We did some shopping and walked around to see the buildings! We also tried out a true Belgium waffle and frites! The waffles were absolutely amazing!! I loved them and could have eaten a lot more!! That night, we tried out a restaurant in town. Then we went home and watched "slept through" a movie! It feldt so wonderful to be able to stop and relax! I haven't done that in awhile.

Elizabeth, taking a break from shopping!

On Saturday, we went on to post and went to the German Christmas market that was going on. It was inside, so Elizabeth and I were sadly not impressed. After experiencing a true German Christmas market, nothing can compare! That afternoon, we took a train ride to Brussels. The city is absolutely beautiful, especially the city square. I was in awe! They had it all set up for Christmas. I would have loved to spend more time there, but it was getting dark on it, so we took the train back home. That night was another movie!

Belgium's well known chocolate! Never even tried it!

Sunday morning we went to chapel on SHAPE. Megan was leading worship and Tim (the guy's house who we had Thanksgiving with) did the sermon, so it was great to be there. After that, it was time to head for home! It was almost a six hour drive. Elizabeth and I took turns driving to make it not so bad for one of us. We rented a car to get there and ended up driving a brand spanking new BWM. It was 6 miles on it when we got in the car in Schweinfurt. I was the first to drive it and I have to admit I was scared out of my mind. I had quite a grip on the stearing wheel. By the trip home, I was used to it. I hit a max of 110 mph and decided that was fast enough for me! The car could have done a lot more, but I was good with that!
It was a fantastic weekend! The only thing that could have made it better was having Jay with me! But, I guess I better get used to being on my own! I'm just so thankful I have such good friends to do things with!
I talked to Jay on the phone last night and I said I haven't had time to miss him yet. I haven't been home a single night since he left. Last night was going to be my first night along and a friend called to come have supper with her. I'm actually looking forward to a night alone. I've been going hard lately! Jay was glad to hear that I wasn't sulking because of his absense!

The most interesting part of Belgium.... it was street lights EVERYWHERE. They seem to be every 50 meters. Germany doesn't have street lights, so it was very obvious when we drove over the border that we were in Belgium. The lights started to give us a headache because they were so bright and we weren't used to them! We've heard a few different stories on why they have so many lights, but don't know what's true.