Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Bringing a piece of Germany home

This weekend Jay and I ventured out to a flea market. We debated about going because that just means we will spend money! There was a hutch there that we saw on the internet and both really liked. We debated about if we really needed it or not. We definitely don't need it over here as our house is too small. We have no room for it. But.... in just five short months we'll be moving out and heading back to the states. It would look great in a house somewhere! We decided to go check it out. We both still liked it once we saw it face to face. The hard part was deciding if it was worth that much money. So many questions went through our minds. Could we find a cheaper one? Should we just wait until we get back home? Would Slumberland be able to sell us something similar? We couldn't decide, so we ended up going for a walk in the small little village. We couldn't wait too long otherwise it would be gone. This stuff sells fast! After several blocks, we decided to go for it! Even if this piece cost us a bit more, it has character and a story behind it! I think we're really going to like it! From now until July, it may be sitting in the middle of the dining room, but someday it will have a good home!

Sunday, February 12, 2012

It's My Sister's Birthday

Today my "little" sister turns 32 years old!

Wish I was around to join in on all the celebrating! Sounds like she's making a whole weekend of it! Nicole, hope you have a great time with your friends! Eat some cake for me please!

Hidden Profession

On Friday night, my middle school held a Valentine's dance for the kids. Those in charge asked me about a month ago if I knew of anyone who would be willing to dj. I told them I would check and get back to them. Well, a couple days later I found two great guys that were willing (and even exited)!

Jay and John (youth ministries guru) decided this would be a fun gig for them. They had way too much fun all evening. John was on the mic keeping the kids excited. Jay was on the dance floor half the time keeping them all moving. He even did the dance contest with them and lasted nearly to the end! They dressed up for their job and pulled out the headphones (even though they weren't plugged in to anything) so they looked 'cool'!

These guys definitely have a heart for dealing with teens! It was exciting to watch!

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Ironing for the Lt. Gen.

It's not every day that you 'get' to iron for the Lt. Gen. of the Army in Europe! He's coming to Schweinfurt today to have a community forum. Jay and his guys have been prepping all week for his arrival. He has his own flag, which hasn't been used for awhile, so it needed some attention. I spent a lot of time working on three flags, ironing out all the creases. I will suggest when they are done with them this time that they aren't thrown into a ball until the next time!!

We thought the purpose of the visit may be to tell us if our post will be closing soon or not. Unforunately, Lt. Gen. Hertling said that won't be the topic of his visit. He simply wants a question and answer session with the community. Hope he's ready for a lot of questions about the closure!! I'll be interested to hear how it all goes at the end of the day!