Sunday, March 11, 2012

Love Letters to Girlfriends

It's like it came out of a movie scene.... writing a love note by candle light.

Jay has a girlfriend he writes back and forth to. She used to live with her family in Schweinfurt, but has since moved back to the states. She is a sweet seven year old. It's been fun to stay in touch with her and her family. Jay loves reading his letters from her to hear about all the fun she has. In tonight's letter, Jay told her how he used to be in gymnastics, just like she is. I love reading his letter before he sends them. I learn some new things about his childhood each time!

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Fruit & Flowers for Four Years

I married my best friend four years ago. It was a great day with many great memories. I think back to our wedding day and it makes me smile!

Jay and I decided to do the traditional anniversary gifts each year. They have been so much fun to think of! The first year gift was paper. Jay was heading out to the field the week before our anniversary. He left me a note on a piece of scratch paper to tell me how much he loved me. The second year gift was cotton. Jay was deployed in Afghanistan, so I sent him some cotton underwear! I'm sure it was just what he wanted! The third year was leather! I got Jay a leather baseball glove and Jay got me a leather bound scrapbook.

This year, year four, was fruit and flowers. This was the hardest one to be creative for. This is what we both ended up with.
 A basket full of fruit and my favorite flowers!

Jay got a bunch of fruit related treats!

We aren't doing anything special tonight, but hope to this weekend. We have learned not to take our anniversaries for granted since we've missed spending half of them together. We are perfectly content sitting in our chairs next to each other for the night!

Four years..... who would have guessed that we would have accomplished so much and have been to so many places! On our wedding day, I could never have told you where we would be right now! Both of us have worked some great jobs! We have been to some amazing places! We have grown so close, learning lots about each other. Even though it's been hard to be away from our family, spending these four years alone has forced us to create our own foundation. When something challenges us, we have to rely on each other and God to get through it. This has been a great way to start our life together.

Four more years from now.... who knows where we'll be or what we'll be doing. That's the fun part of the Army. You go with the flow and you love it! I can't wait to see what God has in store for Jay and me.