Sunday, December 21, 2008

Neuschwanstein Castle

Yesterday Jay and I celebrated our first Christmas together. We took a trip down to the Neuschwanstein Castle. This is what the Cinderella castle in Disney World was copied after. Beautiful castle, but even better was the surroundings. We were down in the Bavarian Alps. Unfortunately, it rained and sleeted the entire day. We drove in it the whole way there, were soaked as we walked to the castle, and drove in it home. It was never slippery so that was good. We weren't too thrilled with the castle because we couldn't see much. We were not allowed to walk around it because of the weather. There is a bridge out aways from the castle that is the perfect spot to take a picture. That was also closed. So.... we didn't get very good pictures. We'll go back another time in the summer to see it again.

We came home, opened presents, watched a Christmas movie, and had popcorn and hot chocolate. We had a great evening!! We simply just enjoyed being together. Couldn't have asked for anything better!

Now that family Christmases will begin happening, hope you all enjoy the time spent with your family! We get to see ours in ONE MORE DAY!!! Yippeeee!!!!

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Busy Season

It's been mighty busy around here as the year comes to a close. Jay has spent many hours in the office trying to get paperwork done before we leave. He spent three days jumping at the beginning of the week, so is trying to play catch up. I've been at school everyday and have had something going on everynight. By the time I get home around 7 or 8 and Jay pulls in around 8 or 9, we have enough energy to through some food down and go to bed. Then the alarm goes off at 3 or 4 in the morning and we do it all over again. We are really looking forward to our break. I'm really looking to seeing my husband more than a half hour each day! We haven't spent much time together this week, but I'm still so thankful he's home. Knowing he's beside me while sleeping is quite a comforting feeling. I won't have that for much longer, so I'm really taking it in!

That's my attitude this Christmas season. I am trying really hard to appreciate absolutely everything that we're doing, knowing that next Christmas will be completely different. Who knew that sitting next to Jay in our rocking chairs, watching an episode of Home Improvement would be something I really enjoy. I tell ya what, God has really shown me how to appreciate life and what He all gives us, epecially knowing that it won't be there for long. I encourage you to take this attitude this season. Christmas can be such a stressful time with the crowds, traffic, lack of money, so many things to do... Nonetheless, we need to remember the true meaning of Christmas and be thankful for what God has blessed us with. Enjoy every second you spend with your family and friends. I know I will! I can't wait to be with them!! 3 More Days!!

Saturday, December 13, 2008

Snowy Drive

We took a trip to Rothenburg today to buy the rest of our Christmas presents. The drive was beautiful as the trees were covered in snow. I tried to take pictures, but it was hard to catch the trees as we drove by. The town was also so pretty, with snow covering the roof tops. Definitely love this time of year!
Christmas Market, a brass band was playing.
This street was beautiful with the colored buildings and the snow covered trees. The picture doesn't do it justice!

Christmas Creations

We have our squadron Christmas party this weekend and our troop was supposed to be in charge of decorations. I was told two days before, so was trying to create things from around my house. Here are a few of the things I came up with...

Come to find out, another troop already did the decorations, so got off the hook. We just get to go and enjoy the party! Nonetheless, I ended up liking all of my decorations, so they are now sitting around our house. We get to enjoy them for another week before we leave.

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Is it fair?

So, Jay and I were just playing a game of chess. We were right to the end. Jay had a his king and a pawn left. I had my king and two pawns left. One of my pawns reached to Jay's side and I told him that it gets promoted. He said no way. So, I pulled out the directions and read it to him that if a pawn makes it to the other side, it gets promoted to a queen. Jay said that wasn't fair so we weren't playing by that rule. That's just because he would have lost! Does anyone else know of this rule? And should it not count since Jay didn't know it!!


Nonetheless, I won TWICE!!

Say a Special Prayer

If you have a spare minute, please say a prayer for my friend Angie and her son Noah. Noah's daddy was deployed to Iraq over Thanksgiving weekend. Angie has been so strong, knowing that God is protecting her. The two of them leave for Texas on Thursday. It is going to be a long flight for the two of them. Please pray that Noah is content on the plane and that they make it home safely.

We sure will miss Angie, Jon, and Noah.
Can't wait to see you in March!

In the Spirit

I have definitely been in the Christmas spirit lately. One way I've been getting ready for Christmas is by being extremely busy. I've been working at school every day lately and am trying to buy gifts and get things ready to be taken home. We all know the Christmas season seems to make us busier. Don't know why, but it sure is true. Also the lights around town have been fun to look at. The lights here aren't as neat as Iowa, but I still enjoy looking at them. Another way I've been preparing is by listening to Christmas music. I don't have any of my Christmas cd's with me, so I've had to check a few out from the library. I've also been very thankful for KNWS online. I have my computer playing all the time. It just makes me feel so warm inside.

My number one reason for being excited for Christmas (other than the obvious birth of our Savior) is being able to go home and see my family! I can't wait to spend a week with everyone. I know it is going to fly by, but I will be savoring every second of it. I am also excited to go to Church of Promise for Christmas Eve service. I also love a candle lit service, that tells the real Christmas story, and involves the usual Christmas hymms. And I get to see my chruch family again. I love them all so much! Oh my! I can't wait!!

We have added a few more decorations to our home.
This is our Jesse Tree. We put an ornament on each day. The ornament goes with a story from the Bible. We started it on the 1st of the month and it goes up until Christmas day.

This is the vase we bought in Prague. Jay filled it with red and silver bulbs.

This was my Cav Coffee Group Christmas Party.

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Thanksgiving in Berlin

We spent Thanksgiving weekend traveling around Berlin and what a history lesson it was. This town is filled with stories from both world wars, the cold war, Hitler, and the wall. We took a walking tour on Friday that lasted 4 hours long. It was the best part of the whole trip. We went to spots that we wouldn't have gone to on our own. Our guide knew so much history and told so many stories to go along with everything. For example... we walked to an old, rundown parking lot. Not too exciting to the usual passer-byer, but he explained that it was the spot where Hitler's bunker had once stood. The city it trying not to remember things about Hitler, so they are leaving it an ugly lot instead of putting up a memorial or something. Definitely wouldn't have known that just by walking by. Some of the other big things we were able to see were the Brandenburg Gate, the Reichstag, the Berlin Wall, Checkpoint Charlie, the stadium from the 1936 Olympics, and the Holocaust Memorial. We also saw several churches and museums from the outside. Another one of my favorite parts was the Christmas markets. This time of year, nearly every town in German has markets going. I like to explain them as a county fair with a Christmas theme. There are hundreds of booths selling Christmas ornaments, crafts, hats, candy, and lots and lots of food. We ate brats for at least two meals. At the markets that we went to, they also had rides going. That's the bigger towns though, not all will have rides. Walking through all the lights, smelling all of the Christmas smells, hearing Christmas music, and seeing all the booths definitely puts you into the Christmas spirit. All in all, we had a wonderful trip!!

Brandenburg Gate

Reichstag (where the German parliment meets)

Checkpoint Charlie

Holocaust Memorial
The Berlin Wall

Olympic Stadium
A Christmas Market
This is the old parking lot where Hitler's bunker used to be.