Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Still no Job

It's Tuesday.... and still no sub job. Yesterday could have been my first day because it was the first day of the new payroll. I was ready to go at 6:00am, but no phone call. I was up and ready to go again today and still no call. Bummer!!! I'm getting a little depressed. I can't be sitting around the home all day every day!
I spent all morning today filling out applications. I sent two out for office positions in the school. I also delievered one to the middle school to be a sub there. When I walked into the middle school, I handed in my application and the secretary wanted me to wait to make sure the HR director didn't have any questions. At the same time, the principal was walking through. He asked me if I was certified. I said yes and he said let's talk. So, we went in to his office and chatted. In order to teach in the middle school, you have to have an emphasis in the specific area. I have am emphasis in math and reading, so I am ok there. To sub, I can still be anywhere, but wouldn't be able to take on a full time job. He also talked to me about another program they have going on. It is for average students who need to be pushed just a bit more to be successful enough for college. They start with them at the middle school level, teaching them organizational skills, how to take notes, how to read the text book, etc. I would be a tutor for these students along with teaching them these fundamentals. It is not a full time job, but it would be something consistant. On the days I didn't do this program, I would be able to sub. I had already heard about the program from the math teacher, so had an idea about it. It was good to get more information about it though. They know I'm interested and are going to look through my application. Hopefully that will work out.

The hard part about DODDS, I can not be on the sub list for both the elementary and the middle school. Only one school can have me. Makes it hard on me because I won't get as many phone calls. I have to choose what I want. The elementary is larger and would have more opportunities, but I could have the AVIT position as a tutor along with subbing at the middle school. I'm leaning toward middle school at the moment. I have to go talk to the elementary tomorrow and have them take me off their list. The middle school can't do anything with my paperwork while the elementary has me on their payroll. So, I need to get dropped and then picked up by the middle school. CRAZY!!!!

Monday, September 8, 2008

Jay's Birthday

It's already Monday, so I thought I would reflect on the weekend. Jay's 26th birthday was on Saturday. We had a very exciting day of sleeping in until 8:00, then sitting and watching a painter paint our kitchen, hallway, and stairwell bright white. After he was done, the morning got real exciting as we watched the paint dry... literally. Then Jay hadn't had enough fun yet, so we decided to make a frozen pizza for lunch. He sat infront of the oven and watched the pizza cook. He got excited when the cheese started to "breath". To lighten up the mood a bit, I put candles in his pizza. We needed a little bit more excitement. Jay then got to open his presents. We made a deal that we wouldn't do presents since we took the trip to Ireland. I obeyed for the most part, but had to do a little something. After opening a pack of cream soda, a tub of gummies, and a few other things, I think he was a happy camper! In the afternoon, we watched the paint dry some more, and then finally decided it was dry enough for us to leave. We took an adventurous trip to the gym to get on the computers. We talked to our parents for awhile and then made an exciting trip back to the house. Because we had so much fun all day long, we decided to settle down and go to a nice Italian restaurant for supper. After supper, we popped a movie into my computer and watched it... as we fell asleep in our chairs. After a bowl of ice cream and more birthday candles, we decided it was time for bed. And to end the night... we were asleep by about 10:00. I tell you what... I throw really exciting birthday parties!! We just had to keep reminding ourselves that Ireland was our birthday present. It was well worth the sacrifice!!

Hope everyone had a great weekend!

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Still Being Lazy

We've been home for a week now and still don't have anything to do. I have turned in my paperwork to be a sub at the elementary school, but there sounds like there are a lot of subs. Not sure how many calls I will be getting. I also turned in an application to be the secretary at the front office of the elementary. We'll see what comes out of that. It won't help me with my teaching, but it will at least pay! Jay... well still nothing. He has gone into work everyday this week, but has found nothing to do. Some of the guys are moving furniture around, but there isn't enough work for everyone. So... to say the least, we are still bored. We've had our vacation and we're ready to get back to work again!! It's crazy that I'm saying that, but it's true!! We can sleep in only so many days. Say some prayers that I can get a job and that Jay can get put to work soon!! He realized that he's been home from Afghanistan for exactly 2 months today and hasn't worked a day since he's been back! We said this morning that we're simply living off the government while we live in Germany. No work, but at least we're getting paid.

I say all of this now, but in a month or so when we've both been busy, I'll be wishing to have these days back. We'll enjoy them while we can!