Monday, October 29, 2012

October Recap

Wow! Time sure is flying! I can't keep up on the blog anymore! I'm not complaining though! I'm glad time is going fast. We are half way done with our current assignment down here in Ft. Benning. Jay is just finishing up his first phase of the class and will move on to the last phase in another week.

The month of October has kept us plenty busy. Over Columbus day weekend, we secretly flew home and met my parents in the airport. They loaned us a car for the weekend and we headed up to Manchester. We walked in the door to surprise Jay's parents. We came up for Jay's grandma's (Delores) 90th birthday party in St. Ansgar. We enjoyed spending the weekend with the family. It had been awhile since we had seen everyone, so it was nice to catch up.

I also stole my nephew for the weekend. I was really missing the lil' guy, so I asked his mom and dad if they could do without him for a few days. They were nice to me and let him come along! I had so much fun with him. We all went to the Mac Valley football game on Friday night, partied all day Saturday (especially in the leaves), and played farm on Sunday. The trip was quick, but it was nice to be in Iowa again.
 Isn't he just so precious! I have this picture on my phone. Makes me smile every time! Be sure to click on the picture to make it bigger and get the full idea of cuteness!

Jay has been working really hard on his school the past few weeks. He'd had two huge presentations to prepare for and give. He is giving his last one right now. It will be so nice to have them over with! He also has been writing many papers, one of them being 10 pages. That long one is almost finished. Maybe by the end of the week. The last thing is a huge comprehensive final that's on Friday. Just like a semester test, it will cover everything they have learned so far. Once this presentation is over with today, that's the next thing he'll focus on. I'm sure we'll be reviewing a lot of notecards in the next few days.

I've been holding the fort down at home. We got everything unpacked in September and placed it where we wanted it. We didn't unpack much because it's all going back in boxes in a few months. We did finally put a few things up on the walls a couple weeks ago. We weren't going to, but it just didn't feel like home with bare walls. I have applied for two subbing jobs and have been hired on in one. I will begin subbing for the schools on post next week. I also have an interview next week to sub with the other school. I am hoping to get on both lists so I can be working nearly every day. We'll see what happens. It's been nice being home though. I have gotten several things accomplished that I have slacked on the past few years. The biggest thing has been scrap books. I still have a lot more countries to go, but I'm getting closer.

Not too much happening this month. Life is pretty calm when we stay home on the weekends and have work to do! We have lots to look forward to though. Jay's family is coming here for Thanksgiving, and then we get to go home for Christmas! Soon after that Jay will be done with school! Wow! It all goes so fast!

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Farmgirl Chaos said...

Yup. The little dude is just too cute.
At least you are enjoying a little break in your life now. I'm ready for one!